Friday, April 13, 2018

Ahhhhhhh Spring Is Finally Here!

Great Headshot

Spring gives us a fresh start, so why not start with new headshots? If you are new to the industry or haven’t updated your headshots within the last 5 years, nowiis a great time to do it!

Having headshots can boost your career and professionalism, so make the investment in yourself, you’re worth it!

It’s important to be as natural as possible in your photos.  Don’t get too carried away with a lot of makeup, jewelry, or awkward poses. Be your relaxed and beautiful self!  

A theatrical headshot should be taken from the shoulders and up to focus on your face. It’s not a good idea to have your hands near your face in a close up, it’s too distracting and we want to see you!  Show off your personality with some emotional depth in your facial expressions.  Have fun with it! If you can’t relax, play some of your favorite music during the appointment, that should do the trick.  

Something to know…

A commercial headshot is meant to demonstrate how relatable you could be to a specific audience in order to endorse a product.  It gives casting directors a sense of your demographics and if you can capture the attention of an audience for the brief time you have in a commercial.  The significants of this shot is to make an appeal on a more broad level.

You may want to consider purchasing a few different looks from your photographer.  Agents, managers, or casting directors might need to see what you look like with your hair up, your hair down, or what you look like with and without glasses, etc.  That’s something you want to discuss with the photographer. 

What should I wear?  

Great question!  Nothing that diverts the eye away from your face. Again, this is about your natural look. My ‘go to’ is a plain solid colored shirt that compliments your skin tone, with jeans, maybe a basic jacket, and well kept shoes (but most likely, your shoes won’t be captured).  Make sure you feel good in what you wear, not being confident, minus someone pointing a camera in your face, equals sour faces… not ideal, right?

Remember, It’s not worth it to spend the money on something that is not you.  Don’t get your headshots done and then get a drastic haircut an hour later.  Freshen up your look before your appointment and keep that look up.  Think of this, it doesn’t look professional if you show up for an audition and look nothing like your headshot.  I know, styles change all the time, but you have to take this seriously, people in this industry know who are and who are not dedicated. Show that you are ready for this industry with a great headshot!

Be yourself and have fun with the experience!