Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What NOT to do at your Next Audition

Have you ever wondered how casting directors choose actors?  Well, if you know the answer to that question you can stop reading this blog now. We have asked this question to over a dozen casting companies and everyone has a different answer.  However, we did find out that they eliminate actors immediately for a lot of different reasons and what they call “annoying behaviors/common sense mistakes”.  We know that auditioning can be a frightening experience for most actors, so here are some common sense tips or don’t ever do this! We have also provided a demonstration to help you understand.

Please don’t do any of these!
  1. Don’t chew gum
  2. Don’t ask dumb questions
  3. Don’t whisper
  4. Don’t wear to much makeup
  5. Don’t complain/make excuses