Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why A Good Headshot Is Important

A good headshot is important in the entertainment industry. A headshot is a professional photograph, where the face is used as the main focus to grab attention. Headshots are a way to promote yourself to agents, casting directors, or any auditions you may attend. The main goal of the headshot is to get you noticed and help get you work. It is important that you keep your headshot current with your look. It needs to reflect who you are now, if you have any changes in your look, you should get an updated photo. Remember the main reason for a headshot is to identify who you are, so be yourself! 
Here are some tips for a great headshot:

1. The day before you have your headshot scheduled get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and eat well. This will help you look and feel better while at the photo shoot.
2. The most IMPORTANT thing to remember is you need to look like your headshot. You want them to know it is you when you walk in the room. A headshot is supposed to be the best representation of who you are.
3. DO NOT wear too much make up. You want to go for a more natural look and be recognizable. You do not want your picture to look like it was from a beauty pageant. 
4. Keep your clothing simple:
    • Stay away from a lot of patterns and large logos
    • Choose a color that looks good with your skin tone (no neon!)
    • Keep jewelry to a minimal
    • Do not wear all white, it can wash you out
    • Pick a shirt that falls well on your shoulders and neck and that won’t be too revealing.
5. Try to show as much of your personality as you can. You want whoever is looking at your headshot to see how unique and authentic you are.
6. Your eyes say a lot about who you are. Try to really connect with the camera and show that you’re smiling with your eyes.
7. Mix up your expressions. Don’t just give one look. Show the different sides of you, so the photographer can capture the best look.

8. BE RELAXED. If you are nervous or worried, it will show, have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff. If you have a zit or blemish, it will get edited out of the photo.
Below are some examples of our actors headshots. All of the headshots were taken by Rick Luettke.