Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What is a Slate? Why Your Slate is Important?

How do you start your audition? You slate! Slating is your way to introduce yourself to the casting director and directors. It is your chance to show your personality and show them that you are going to be great to work with. Here are instructions on how to slate! 

Standing up straight  
State your…
  • Name, first and last.  
  • Age (optional for the mature actor)
  • Agency, Manager or Freelance 

Make sure you are standing up straight and not moving and don’t forget to talk loud and clear. Make sure you enunciate clearly so everyone can hear your name. Add a “Hi, I’m" or a “Hello, my name is” and then your name. It is okay and recommended to pause slightly in-between your first and last name. If you are on camera make sure you are looking into the camera and not around the room. If not on camera, look at the people running the casting. Be friendly, not like you are reading a line.  This is your introduction, have energy so that there is a light in your eyes. If they don’t like your slate, they probably won’t listen to your audition.  

Before you perform your material, take a breath. This gives you a moment to get into character. Remember not to rush through your slate. The moment is all about you! 


Below are examples of good and bad slates!