Monday, September 26, 2016

Success Story Update: Sarah Bomber

This week our Starbound Talent success story will feature Sarah Bomber. Upon doing my research for this update I got the chance to speak to Sarah (through email, but it was still addressed to me!) and she told me her story from when she came to Starbound to where she is now, in her own words!

Sarah first came to Starbound in 2008 as she says “a shy teenager”. She grew up in the Findlay area, in Ohio, with a very musical family and spent most of her free time taking lessons for singing, harp, piano, and others. Once she came to Starbound she says, she “was given the tools she needed in order to open up and become more confident through the safe and comfortable environment provided to learn and grow at Starbound”. This is where she feels she received the foundation that she needed in order to begin to concur the entertainment world!
Sarah then auditioned the same year for IMTA with a Sara Bareilles song titled
“Gravity”. I even got to hear her audition tape, and as we all know Sara Bareilles has a wonderful voice but in my opinion…Sarah Bomber’s version was sooooo much better than the original (sorry Bareilles fan’s just being honest here)! From that audition she was chosen to attend IMTA in New York City. Because of IMTA Sarah said “this was the first time I could see my largest dreams as a real possibility".
Being seen at IMTA she was able to meet a New York vocal coach, and agent. She then moved to New York for a brief period of time. While there she continued her high schooling at the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy. After graduating high school she then attended Central Michigan University, where she continued her love of the arts, and began to work professionally in Music Theater. 
Sarah has been in musical theater productions all over the U.S. Including Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, to name a few. She was also nominated for awards, and originated roles during her time at CMU. Sarah then graduated with her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts), in Music Theater. Sarah is now currently the lead vocalist on the famous “Queen Mary 2” performing in 8 different shows. With solos included. She continues to pursue her dream of being in musical theater, and lives back in New York City. 
We here at Starbound are very proud of you Sarah, and wish you continued success!   

*PS..Can we get a discount on tickets? We would all love a vacation!