Monday, July 11, 2016

IMTA LA 2016 Success!

Congratulations to IMTA LA 2016 Alumni! 

Our group of actors and models had an amazing week competing at IMTA LA 2016! Every member of our group sparked interest from agents and managers that want to represent them in the industry! Wish them luck as they move forward with their acting and modeling careers!

Special Congratulations to:

MADI ARTZ: Female Young Adult Actor of the Year! 1st Place Cold Read, 1st Place Screen Test, 1st Runner Up Improvisation, 1st Runner Up Monologue

SHELDON ABNEY: Honorable Mention for Male Junior Actor of the Year1st Place Improvisation

ERIN KELLY: Honorable Mention for Female Junior Actor of the Year, 4th Place Screen Test, 4th Place TV Real People

ZANDER POLING: Honorable Mention for Male Pre-Teen Model of the Year, 4th Place TV Real People